DCP Cempatch LS - Single component light weight cementitious repair mortar, containing migrating corrosion inhibitors

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Cempatch LS

Single component light weight cementitious repair mortar, containing migrating corrosion inhibitors


  • Thixotropic properties allowing for extra high build for vertical and overhead applications
  • Incorporates migrating corrosion inhibitor technology, providing extra protection of steel reinforcement
  • Low permeability to water, providing excellent protection to steel reinforcement and host concrete
  • Compatible with non-structural concrete of compressive strength 15 - 25 N/mm
  • High bond strength, ensuring monolithic performance of the repair
  • Excellent low sag properties
  • Can be spray applied efficiently by the wet spray technique
  • Contains no chlorides


Cempatch LS is a single component, light weight, high build, polymer modified, cementitious repair mortar ideally designed for use in concrete repair works where lightweight and high build repair mortar is required.

Cempatch LS is mixed with water to produce a thixotropic mortar suitable for vertical and overhead applications. Cempatch LS incorporates proven Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor technology to provide high durability repairs, which minimise further corrosion to steel reinforcement.

Longterm protection is provided by the migration of corrosion inhibitor molecules from the mortar into the structure.

These are adsorbed onto the reinforcement to form a protective film which inhibits both anodic and cathodic sites, effectively reducing corrosion activity to a negligible level. Adjacent concrete is also protected from incipient anode corrosion in chloride-contaminated concrete.


Cempatch LS is specially formulated to repair vertical and overhead elements requiring low permeability and where high compressive strength is not critical.

Cempatch LS can be applied in a single application of up to 100 mm thickness in vertical applications and up to 60 mm thickness in overhead applications without the need for formwork. Where higher thicknesses are required, sections can be achieved by the use of formwork or can be built up in layers.


Cempatch LS is available in 18 kg bags.


Approximately 14 – 14.5 litre per 18 kg bag.


Cempatch LS complies with the requirements of BS EN 1504-3 Class R2 for repair principles 3.1, 3.3, 7.1, and 7.2.

Application Instructions, Datasheets and more information


Safety datasheet

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