DCP Cempatch primer - Cementitious steel reinforcement primer and bonding agent

Size: 8Kg
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Cempatch Primer

Cementitious steel reinforcement primer and bonding agent.


  • One component easy to use
  • High bond strength to concrete and steel
  • Good physical properties and mechanical strength
  • Polymer modified system with low VOC
  • Protection of steel through Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor technology
  • Good resistance to water and chloride penetration
  • Safe and environment friendly product
  • Adjustable consistency for brush and spray application


Cempatch Primer is a one component polymer modified cementitious bonding slurry specially formulated to enhance the bond between the Cempatch range of repair mortars and existing concrete substrates.

Cempatch Primer is also designed to protect the steel reinforcement by providing a highly alkaline passivating layer around the reinforcement and by the use of migrating corrosion inhibitor technology, which minimises further corrosion to surrounding steel reinforcement.


Cempatch Primer is designed as a corrosion protection for steel reinforcement in concrete repair and as a bonding slurry between DCP cementitious repair systems and concrete substrates.


Cempatch Primer is available in 8 and 20 kg bags.


Approximately 6 m²/8 kg bag @ 1 mm thickness.

Application Instructions, Datasheets and more information


Safety datasheet

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