Baron mixer - F120 forced action mixer - 2.0kW 110V

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F120 forced action mixer - 2.0kW 110V - Resin Bound


Resin Bound driveways

Cut your mixing time in half. Four mixing arms, paired with a powerful motor. Perfect for Resin Bound driveways and Wet Pour rubber.

Quality, efficiency and durability combined with a range of unique product details make the F-series the ultimate choice for the demanding, professional user.

  • Safety switch which is activated when the cover is opened
  • Positioning bolt which secures the cover during operation
  • Motor shield protects against dirt
  • Adjustable mixer shovels
  • Easy, efficient handling
  • Easy-to-clean outlet
  • Vessel capacity 117 litre


Name Value
Length 97 centimeter
Motor 2,00 kilowatt
Width 68 centimeter
Height 108 centimeter
Weight 90 kilogram
Gear RPM 32
Current 1x110
Mixer capacity 88 liter
Vessel capacity 117 liter

Product manual

Resin bound surfaces

Resin bound surfacing, or ‘trowelled’ paving is made from a blend of aggregates coated in resin. Available in a wide range of colour options. It’s extremely versatile, enabling the creation of beautiful intricate designs. The sky is the limit !

Wet pour rubber

Wet pour surfacing ( Sometimes also referred to as ‘soft tarmac’ or ‘soft impact tarmac’ ) consists of a mixture of two separate layers of various sized rubber crumb (granules) bonded together by a resin glue, which provides an impact absorbing surface.

Available in a range of bright colours. Can be laid in any custom pattern/design, reflecting the existing branding or colour ways of your organisation.

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