LFS Epoxy Jointing system - Fast expansion joint repair

Color: Mid Grey
Size: 5Kg
Sale price£119.99


Heat & Screed store supply a range of hard and flexible jointing product to suit high movement or rigid joints to take heavy forklift movement. Designed to provide excellent chemical resistance and durability together with a high degree of flexibility; making it suitable for sealing floor joints subject to on-going movement.

  • Easy application, applied in one application
  • Designed for sealing floor joints subject to ongoing movement
  • Resists strong acid and alkali based chemicals, greases, oils, fuels and salt solutions
  • Flexible
  • Heavy duty

Flexible epoxy jointing systems : Ideal for factory and warehouse environments

  • Repair broken expansion joints quickly and easily
  • The flexible polyurethane mortar fills the joint and the broken concrete joint edges in one simple process
  • Strong enough to resist heavy traffic, including forklifts


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