Ronafix Universal Admixture - SBR - Polymer admixture - 5/25 Litres

Size: 5 Litres
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Polymer admixture

Ronafix is a single part SBR admixture for cement mortars that enhances physical and chemical properties, allows mortars to be placed in thin section, provides waterproofing and resistance to frost, and promotes adhesion to building surfaces.

Mortars containing Ronafix are used for a wide range of applications where thin high strength high-performance mortars are required. The typical minimum application depth is 6mm.

Ronafix is supplied as a single component white liquid. According to its specified use within mortars, it is diluted with water and added to cement, sand (and aggregate) to provide the required performance characteristics. As a priming or bonding coat Ronafix is used with cement only to provide adhesion between substrate and mortar.


  • Floor screeds
  • Concrete repair
  • Waterproof renders
  • Slurry coats/levelling and protective
  • Heavy-duty floor toppings
  • Protection of steel reinforcement
  • Bedding and bonding mortars
  • Tanking and waterproofing

Pack size: 5 litres

Pack size: 25 litres

Application Instructions, Datasheets and more information

Application Instructions, Datasheets and more information

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