ThermoSphere Self Adhesive Decoupling Membrane

Size: 1 sqm - ( 1 x 1m )
Sale price£17.90


ThermoSphere heating and self adhesive uncoupling membrane

Save time with a combined underfloor heating and self adhesive uncoupling system
A flat panel of ThermoSphere Decoupling Self-Adhesive Membrane ( available in two sizes ) that holds ThermoSphere Ultimate Heating Cable, provides protection from cracked floors and acts as a waterproofing layer in bathrooms and wetrooms. With the self adhesive underfloor heating mat there's no need to buy and use extra tile adhesive to stick it to the subfloor, as the self adhesive used on the membrane is the strongest in the UK and does the job for you. The self adhesive version is only suitable for ply and chipboard surfaces.

ThermoSphere heating and self adhesive uncoupling membrane is a proven combined electric underfloor heating and uncoupling system. ThermoSphere self adhesive membrane uses a stronger self adhesive layer than any other self adhesive uncoupling system. You don‘t need to stick it down to the sub floor with tile adhesive so that saves the time that you would have spent mixing, applying and waiting for the adhesive to cure. It really is a game changer!

Underfloor heating

The membrane is designed to hold ThermoSphere membrane heating cables at variable spacing depending on the required output.

Uncoupling layer

Neutralises the stress caused by different rates of expansion and contraction in a tiled floor. This minimises the risk of tile delamination and cracking.

Superior vapour management

TThe studs in the membrane allow water vapour in the substrate to escape effectively. Self adhesive membrane should only be installed over non-porous substrates.

Easy waterproofing

TA fast and easy way to create a heated wet room. ThermoSphere self adhesive membrane can be installed on floors and sealed with tanking paste.

Efficient load distribution

THeavy loads are no problem! The stud structure transfers the load to the sub floor without risking cracks in the floor finish. Suitable for use in high traffic areas.

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