ThermoSphere Ultimate heating cable

Size: 12lm - 1.15m²
Sale price£38.60


ThermoSphere Ultimate® heating cable

When you need reliability, fit ThermoSphere Ultimate® heating cable

The first and only heating cable to combine both TwistedTwin and in-line joint construction, making it stronger, more durable and reliable. There are more sizes available too, so, there’s a cable for every project.

Get peace of mind with guaranteed reliability

ThermoSphere Ultimate® is the first heating cable to give you guaranteed reliability, so there is litle to no chance of the cable failing when installed correctly. You don’t need to worry about damage or dead stock. If the cable fails in the first 12 months of installation due to a manufacturing fault, we’ll replace the system for you, as well as the floor*.
*Available after confirmation of successful warranty registration.

A simple one-step process

Because of the in-line joint technology, installation is a one-step, tool-free process with ThermoSphere Ulmatimate®. It means you don’t need to cut into the membrane or the subfloor, which takes away the hassle you get with other cables. It’s also compatible with all available membrane mats, so you can keep using your preferred membrane matting.

Stop risk of cable damage

By removing bulky hot-to-cold cable joints it removes a major risk to cable failure. By specifying and installing ThermoSphere Ulmatimate® you remove the need to cut the membrane matt or floor, the number one cause of repair in electric underfloor heating installations, preserving the waterproofing layer. There’s no more risk of damage to floors or cable installations and you can offer a reliable product to your customers.

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